King Honda is home to the Honda Fit, a model that embraces modern life and modern habits. The exterior of this model is sloped downward from the windshield much like a coupe would be, but it maintains its subcompact, 5-door hatchback shape throughout the rest of the design. The grille's sultry "H" badging is a nice hello to customers who've stood by this model throughout its evolution.

If someone had to pick out one thing to adore about the Fit, it might just be the side panels and their catchy new thicker lines. Indentations often define certain models, and the Fit is no exception in Lihue. New LED headlamps create a crisp view of the road, but they also fall into a nifty new grille design that swoops down for some quick style points. 

The new Fit exterior is bolder, stronger, and more memorable than in year's past. Our customers love it.


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